Monday, October 19, 2009

Amazing results of trade alerts

We started this blog in August 2009 and already we have had some good results for our trade alerts. You can see them all at the right under results. All the trades were closed with a profit and there are still running a few trades that each day make more profit for you.

We will not say that we are the best, or promise you every week a new trade with a lot of profit. We just do our best to search for promising trades and put them on our blog.

In the results we don't look at transaction costs, or spread or whatever other costs there are. We just calculate the difference between the price of the stock/commodity when we gave the alert and when we closed the alert. So the results are to be interpreted keeping that in mind.

But the main topic of this blog is to become a better trader. And we enjoy learning more about trading, and when we get better we will write more articles that can help you get better at trading. We have a lot of articles on our mind, and we will add these over time.

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