Monday, November 30, 2009

Alert: Romarco Minerals and Acadian Mining Corporation

A lot of indexes are getting in the overbought territory, also the metals are doing strange jumps (gold, palladium, platinum) so for now I would advise staying away at least from the US stock market when you want to go Long.

Romarco Minerals CVE:R
If you would like a gold play then you can take a look at Romarco Minerals. A lot of stocks are going down, and this one has been going up steadily.

Current price: 1.73

If you buy this, expect to keep it for the long run.

Marketclub - Romarco Minerals Trend Analysis, it is free.

Acadian Mining Corporation TSE:ADA
Acadian Mining Corporation (Acadian) is a Canada-based mining, exploration, and development company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia..

They got rid of there debt and are trading between 0.07 and 0.10. This stock traded in november 2008 around 1.11$. Resistance is at 0.06$.

Current price: 0.08

When you buy this, please just use only a small portion of your account. It is possible that you will have to wait a few months before it starts to move. This is just a buy and hold for a longer time. Just get your foot in the water a bit.

Marketclub - Acadian Mining Corporation Trend Analysis, it is free.

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