Monday, August 10, 2009

Sabina Silver Corp.

Sabina Silver Corp (Public, CVE:SBB)

About :
Exploration company, they are now mainly focused on their Hackett River silver-zinc project in Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic.

Now this one I really like. Good chart, strong upside potential.

Like the MACD, like the RSI!

The charts and news combined are both in favor of this stock making a short-term uprally.

Sabina Silver Announces Significantly Improved Recoveries From Hackett River Metallurgical Results

Really good news.

I think on monday we will see a continuation of fridays action. It wouldn't even surprise me to see this stock make a shortterm rally.




  1. Update
    Gold and silver traded lower today, gold dropped to around 944 and silver to 14.36.
    With the steady gains of last week there was bound to be some profit taking.
    I'm waiting for gold/silver to start their upmove again before we see any investors willing again to invest in Sabina.

  2. Sabina did a pullback after we put 1.00 on the board, probably due to some profit taking.*

    Sabina dropped to 0.93 and we're heading up again from here.
    Sabina ended at 0.96 today.
    The chart still looks very good and this is bound to close above 1 and stay there.
    We've had several attempts to break 1 and soon we will break this resistance.

    *I should have noticed that 1.00 turned out to be a resistance (since its made several attempts) and that investors were more willing to take profits than ride it out.

    No matter, still only a pullback, trend is still up. Still hold.

  3. Another strong up-day for Sabina Silver which managed to increase by 10.23% and a close at 0.97$.
    We might go for the fourth try to break the 1.00$ barrier and perhaps finally stay there.

  4. Still waiting for it to close above 1.00 and stay there.
    Positive signs for that to happen so still holding.