Monday, August 10, 2009

Nebu Resources Inc.

August 10, 2009

Today I'm looking at Nebu Resources Inc. (Public, CVE:NBU)


All technical indicators are pointing in the right direction making this a favorite short term gainer in the coming days.

They just released some news about financing and an update on their exploration in the west timmins area.
The article can be read here

We've had a large pullback today so around 0.14 might be a good entry point into the stock.

Aug 24, 2009

The chart is still bullish and I'm looking for a continuation of this uptrend.

Aug 30, 2009

Position closed at 50% profit. For those still in the stock, the chart still looks good but taking your initial investment out (or a percentage of) and leaving only your profits running might be a good idea.




  1. After 1 day the stock managed to go 3.57% higher.
    Chart still looks good so I'm still expecting this to continue gaining.

  2. no real change, still up 0.10$ from 0.14
    we'll hold for now. Chart still looks good and trend is still up.

  3. We're a little over 2 weeks in Nebu Resources. Today the stock went up 9.09%
    At 0.18 now
    Thats a 40% gain. Everything about the chart is still bullish and I still expect Nebu to continue its upward trend.
    You can lock in some profits or for those holding try to buy on dips to add to your position.

  4. Another green day for Nebu which saw a gain of 2.78% and closed at 0.185$.

    They just started drilling in the West Timmins area.

    By now you should have locked in some profits.
    Maybe we will see some consolidation in the price of the stock due to profit takers.

  5. And today brought another gain for Nebu Resources which ended 8.11% higher at 0.20$

    There's still action to be found in Nebu and I'm still expecting it to do really well. Though we are reaching overbought levels at the RSI chart so a small pullback could come in the coming days.

  6. Last Friday we saw an intraday price of as high as 0.23$
    Those that got in when I advised the stock 20 days ago should see gains of more than 50%
    If you're not out of the stock yet or taken profits consider doing so or atleast taking out your initial investment and letting only the profits run.

  7. This thing just keeps on going doesn't it ;-)

    Today we saw prices as high as 0.265, another gain of 10% today.
    Oh well, what is an investor to do but smile and gladly pocket the profits. Good luck to all.

    Oh yeah, for those still in the stock,..we still have a very bullish chart on our hands.