Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uranium stocks

I predicted at the start of this year that uranium stocks would rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix since a lot of countries were showing an interest in uranium.

I followed Uranium One UUU.TO and advised to buy this at around 1.70 and sell at a previous top around 3.00.

Since that day there were some very decent results.

So I would like to advice to look at some uranium stocks and buy them when they are low. At current Quest Uranium Corporation QUC.V is in a nice uptrend. They recently had a pullback so for now it is up up up. They have a lot of drilling going on and enough working capital. You can read all about this in this article. And some more at 24hgold.

Two stocks have risen between 3% and 6% on one day and that are CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. and Uranium North Resources. I will look into these if these are potential buys.

If you have some uranium stock(s) that you like, then please send us a quick comment and we will look into it.


  1. I wrote that you could have a look at Quest Uranium Corporation and 4 hours later this stock was climbing 40 to 50%.

    Quest Discovered a New Rare Earth Zone Close to the Strange Lake Deposit, Quebec. So the stock went further up.

    Don't say I didn't tell you well in advance :-)

  2. I recommend that since the stock already made 50%, that you take all out, or keep a core position and get your initial investment money out and some profit and enjoy the free ride.

    I would do the latter.