Friday, September 11, 2009

Alert platinum long

Platinum is getting back in the trading range, the MACD is back in the positive and the trend is clearly up.

So you can consider taking a platinum long stop loss 1115. For the Dutch reader you can take a turbo long stop loss 1115.

Current price 1291.

Chart courtesy of: Market club tools for the trader


  1. Platinum makes a nice move today from 1285 to 1315, so 2.33%. So if you took the turbo that I advised you would have had 8.81% of profit.

    Platinum is trading now above several previous highs so you can keep your position.

  2. Today you could take a profit of around 10% to 12%, that is very nice for such a short period.

    But I believe that after a small dip this morning the price can increase a bit further.