Monday, September 14, 2009

Platinum long update

Chart courtesy of:Market club tools for the trader 

At the start platinum moved a bit down to around 1295 and after that went slowly back up to end around 1,311. Also gold and silver made a correction. Gold is now up again almost at 1,000.

I put some arrows on the chart. The blue one points in the direction of the trend and that is clearly up. The MACD has made nice cross over (upper red arrow) and the histogram is in the positive (lower red arrow). We made today the same high as yesterday but a lower low (2$ lower). Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Today we went 1.30% further up. With the Turbo we have chosen it would be another 7% in one day.

    The trend is still up, gold is also back up around 1,007 and silver is at 16.958 so the commodities are still going strong. So you can hold the position.

    Or if you are happy with about 12% when you took the Turbo you can exit the trade.

  2. Currently we have 1,343 on the charts for platinum. This is 3.706% and with our Turbo that we suggested it would be around 20% of profit. The trade is still going up like a small rocket so you can further keep it.

  3. Today all markets including the commodities were a bit down. With the turbo we are 15.4% up. 1,332 seems to be a bit of resistance.

    When it doesn't turn up tomorrow you can exit the trade for a nice profit. Or maybe you already left the trade with a profit of 20%.

    I still believe it to be something temporary, but if it goes down a bit more just take your profit and move on.

    Several small profits together are one big profit.

  4. Platinum recovered a bit today and is trading aroudn 1336 so sit tight.

  5. When you see money on the table grab it. And you could take money of the table around 20% or 15.4%. And for a few days that's a healthy profit. I told you to exit the trade when it went below 1,332 and it did.

    I will add the maximum return you could have had when taking this trade to our list of results.

    I will say this again, and maybe I will annoy you with this, but this is very important. When you trade and you see a profit, take money of the table and reduce your risk. This is very important to make money trading.