Monday, October 12, 2009

Alert UTS Energy Corp

UTS Energy Corp has a strong uptrend and has a current price of: 1.97$. MA 10, 50 and 200 are below the current price and we just had a MACD cross over. Before the crash this stock was 6.12$ priced in May 2008 so the stock is still cheap. A bid of 1.75$ in April was rejected. Once over 2$ the next high would be 3$.

Chart courtesy of: Market club tools for the trader


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  1. UTS Energy Corporation(ticker symbol UTS in Canada and UEYCF in the U.S.) is an excellant way to invest in the Alberta Canada oil sands. UTS controls 1.7 Billion barrels of bitumen resources on leases partnered with Teck and Suncor. This resource is mineable as opposed to resource at deeper depths which require other more expensive recovery methods. Also UTS Energy and Teck control additional leases containing resource which are still being evaluated. As the TrendTrader states this stock was over $6 per share before the recession and crash. UTS Energy website is