Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alert Wheat future december 2009 contract long

It looks like wheat is breaking out, currently trading at 494$. You can go long and take a Turbo or CFD with leverage around 4 or 5. the Turbo with Stop loss 417 has a leverage of 4.43.

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  1. I was following wheat since it broke out above my trend line but wanted to wait a few days to look if the trend wasn't going to reverse.

    I was afraid that the same would happen as in August (a quick rise and then down again) but at that time the price of wheat didn't cross the MA 50 line like it did today.

    The 2nd of October the price of wheat (439.25$) was even lower than the 22th of May 2007 (491$) and now we raised above this price.