Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update Wheat future december 2009 contract long

Prices ran up to a high of 529$. That is a nice profit of 7.08% or 31% with the leverage of 4.43.

And since I told you that if you have a lot of profit in such a short time and we were going into the overbought area, what do you do then? Well any answers, yes, we exit the trade, that is what we do.

Or you closed the trade on the 14th of October when it was climbing and you had more than 25% profit. Or you closed the trade when you saw the long-legged doji. This doji occurred outside of the Bollinger bands and mostly this together with a sell signal on the Slow Stochastics indicates a reversal.

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  1. You could have made a profit between 25% and 31% so I will write down a profit of 25%.